NEWSLETTER Oct 2020 to March 2021

Life has been hectic and somehow it has been 5 months since we sent you a news update on Home of Peace.
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So what has happened over the past months?



In our last newsletter we mentioned a number of urgent needs including new school shoes and uniforms for those who have outgrown them during lockdown, raincoats etc for the new children, repairs to the fencing and a number of other things.

God has wonderfully provided the extra we needed so here are a few pictures.


We received details of all the Children’s Homes in Kenya that re-applied for Government Registration. They require all homes to re-apply every 3 years.
276 Applied
233 Were Rejected
Just 43 were approved
There was only 1 other home in the entire Siaya area that received approval

Thank you God. Please pray for the others homes as they are also desperately needed.


Just before Christmas the children at Home of Peace were thrilled to receive their 3 new Swings and Sea Saw made by a welder friend of Erick’s. These have been a real hit with the children. Because of the way that they were welded they can also be used by the older students.


We were able to give everyone a special celebratory meal and they had fun relaxing and celebrating together. Because of your generosity we were also able to give all the children, students, staff and staff children new clothes. Thanks to all who gave.

James was a retired factory manager and Community Elder when we took over Home of Peace. For almost 4 years he served without pay as our manager then due to his health he resigned. His health improved and 4 years ago we employed him( with pay) as our manager and he has been a tremendous blessing.

He is now 74 years old and developed eye problems requiring surgery last year so he has now officially retired but will remain chair of the Kenyan Trustees and Community Liaison officer for Home of Peace.

We now have 5 department managers working under the supervision of Marilyn who is the General Manager.

The five departments are:
Social Worker Faith Orao,
Administrator. Kevin Nandi,
Purchasing and Transport Manager. Erick Owino,
Housekeeping Manager also responsible for all the House parents. Florence Owino
Health Dept Manager. Erick Ochieng

They are each responsible for their own department and the staff in that dept and they all work under Marilyn’s supervision. Hopefully we will soon be promoting one of them to the position of Senior Manager which will really help Marilyn



We take the health and safety of our children and staff very seriously.

During an inspection we were told that we needed 2 more fire extinguishers and the existing extinguishers needed to be serviced.
On the 27th of January the new extinguishers were delivered, the old ones serviced and the staff given a refresher on how to use them.





One of our kitchen staff and our assistant groundsman/security guard resigned so they have been replaced with Maurice in the kitchen and William as assistant groundsman / security. Here they are getting their uniforms (work clothes)

As Kenya re-opens schools at long last our children are returning to their classes. The past year due to Covid they have kept up their studies with constant revision at Home of Peace.

Even during the awful Covid Pandemic we still had some new children committed to Home of Peace by the courts.
So this work goes on.
Exciting, at times frustrating but well worth the hard work and sacrifice as we see lives saved and transformed and a new generation of young people who can go into adulthood with an education and the prospect of a far better life.



The world has turned upside down.

The school year in Kenya has always run from Jan to Dec but due to Covid the end of year exams from last December are now being held next week. And the new school year will start either in May or June so 7 months earlier than we expected.
We were only given these dates last week! Why were we only informed now? I wish I could answer that but sadly the entire system has been thrown into chaos due to Covid.
It means that by May we will have to find the money for 5 new Secondary School Students and for another 15 who are continuing their education at Secondary School and 5 who are continuing their education at Technical College
The new students will cost us approx. £450 each so a total of about £2,250
The continuing Secondary Students will cost approx. £300 each so a total of approx. £4,500
We had a gift of £900 which covered the Technical College students as they have already started their second year and will finish in December
Bringing the grand total to approx. £6,250.
We do not have this money! This year we are not asking for people to sponsor each student individually as a lot of our sponsors found it difficult to write to the student that they had sponsored
Are you able to help us? Would your church be willing to make a contribution? Do you know anyone who would be willing to help? All gifts, no matter how small will be greatly appreciated and will help us to send these Students to Secondary School. CLICK HERE

11 Years
11 Years ago Marilyn obeyed when she felt God telling her to take over responsibility to run and provide for Home of Peace. Even though we had no money and she was not well.
Shortly after that she had to have major surgery and was not expected to live but even from her hospital bed she kept the work going.
The past 12 years have seen many amazing things at Home of Peace. Since then many children owe their lives and their future to Marilyn aka Mamma Lyn. And to YOU as one of our faithful supporters, sponsors, and prayer partners.

Thank you
May God richly bless you
Love in Jesus
Marilyn & Ray