Update 14th March 2024

One of the problems we have faced from the very beginning is the situation with water supply.

Obviously water is essential. It is used for cleaning, washing, laundry, drinking, cooking and so many other essentials.

Being in a very rural location there is sadly no infrastructure for a water supply and our nearest supply is the river which is about half a mile away from Home of Peace.

Through the generosity of our supporters, over the years, we have installed a pipeline that runs from the river half a mile to Home of Peace and then empties into a large water storage tank. We then add chemicals to the tank to purify the water so that it is fit for drinking cooking etc . We have diesel water pumps located along the pipeline to bring the water to the home.

This is far from ideal for a number of reasons. Firstly as you will know if you have been supporting this ministry for some years the water pumps keep breaking down. The reason is that we are actually expecting them to do more than they are capable of doing. Each time they break down it costs hundreds of pounds to get them repaired or replaced.

We previously attempted to have a borehole or well sunk but sadly they hit a layer of solid rock and were unable to get through this and reach the water supply.

Our pumping system has broken again.

At the moment we have employed the services of a lady with a couple of donkeys and she loads these donkeys with barrels of water from the river and transports them up to Home of Peace a few times a day.

We pay her for the service.

Again, as you’ll appreciate this is far from satisfactory and it means that we have a very limited supply of water.

Our manager at Home of Peace, Kevin and our purchasing manager, Erick have been trying to find a solution and they have found a professional company who believe that the problem was when we sunk the well it was in the wrong location. They have said that before doing any digging they will bring in a surveyor.

They are adamant that if we try again and sink the well where they tell us it should be sunk, we will have a good and abundant supply of clean drinking water rather than the somewhat unsavoury revel water that we now have which needs to be chemically purified.

We have made it clear to them that we cannot risk spending money unless we are completely certain that it is going to supply what we need. We therefore proposed to them that if they, as the experts, are absolutely certain and are willing to dig the well, pipe the water from the well to our storage tanks, using an electric motor (that we will supply), we will be willing to seek funding for this. But we will only pay for it if it works and supplies enough good quality water to meet the needs of Home of Peace. In other words they, as the expert, must take the risk this time not us.

The total cost is going to come to approximately £3000. This money will need to be paid to them once the work is completed in approximately one month’s time.

We do not have it.

This is therefore an appeal for you to pray that God will supply at least £3000, ear marked as for water supply, and that this money will be supplied within the next month and if there are people who are going to be able to give but only in a couple of weeks time that they will let us know what they are going to give so that we can give the go ahead to get this project undertaken.

If you, your church, Bible Study Group, or any other group are willing to contribute to this please let me know. Donations can be made by clicking on the link below.

God bless you,
Marilyn and Ray

P.S. As many of you will know Ray recently suffered a serious accident and has had to have shoulder replacement surgery. We have been encouraged by the many people who have assured us of their prayers. We are today sending out an update to those who have asked to be kept informed and if you would like to read a copy of it you can do so by clicking here.