Newsletter sent on 26th May 2023

Thank you for your support for the work at home of Peace Children’s Home and for your faithful prayers we know that without both of those factors this work could not continue.

It is so encouraging to us to see these young children many of whom could very easily have ended up dying on the streets and are now able to lead a good life, well looked after, decent clothing, a healthy diet and an education. In the past we have put up photos of some of those who have graduated and left home of peace. Some leave and return to their home areas and seek employment whilst others have been able to go on and do other things.

Easter is always an important time for Home of Peace and this year someone sent us a designated gift to buy the children a cool drink and some sweets for Easter. As you can see in the picture they were thrilled.

The new primary school year in started February, but the Kenyan government has changed the way the school years run.
In the past primary school was standard 1 to 8 and they then went to secondary school for 4 years.
Suddenly primary school is only standards 1 to 6. The next year is now called Junior Secondary ( and because it is no longer Primary it is no longer subsidised by the government).
Then the following year they go to Secondary for 4 years so 1 year less of
The cost not including uniforms for the new Junior Secondary is more than 3 times the cost of what we used to pay. Praise God He provided this money.
We believe education is essential as without it these children will leave Home of Peace with no real hope for a decent future.
AFTER Home of Peace.
Thanks to God’s provision we have 3 ex children now at university (because individual people offered to cover the cost) another who is hoping to be able to study as an architect at college next year and many who have qualified in trades such as  Electricians,  Hairdressers / Beauty Therapists, Dressmaker / Tailor.
They are now productive members of society!

We have been told, that on inspection, the wooden bunk beds our children use need to be replaced because the wood has cracked and in some cases broken and that means they are considered dangerous as they could result in children being injured and we would be held responsible.

The beds are now about 11 years old and were made for us by a local woodworker but the wood has not stood up to 11 years of heavy use and we need to replace them with metal beds.

We are still waiting for the exact cost, but it will be around £3000 in total.

Please join us in asking God to provide the necessary funds


We are in almost constant contact with the Senior Manage, Kevin Nandi, and our Social Worker, Faith Orao and our Purchasing officer Erick Owino.

Extract from Social Dept Report by our SOCIAL WORKER Faith Orao

Note she is assisted by Erick Mbada who was originally one of our children but on finishing his education about 4 years ago he stayed on as a member of staff to gain work experience. He has done very well and is now our Assistant Social Worker under the supervision of Faith Orao

All is well in Home of Peace. Although there was heavy rain which caused flood  everywhere in  the compound but we glorify God  for protecting our  children. The children really had a hard time during the April school holiday due to the flood.
Five of our children attended the World Orphans  Day   on 28th April 2023.They presented well the topics they were given. Their presentations were as follows;
1.Esther Gechaine –Public Speech
2.Kevin Odhiambo-Spoken words and portraits
3.Olivia and Felix-Poem and Shairi
4.Stephen Ochieng’-Portraits

On 23rd April 2023. I attended a meeting at Ebenezer  Children’s Home.  The director of children services Siaya county, Mr.Konyango was involved in this meeting. He wanted  to sensitize the CCIs about the  government directives that have  been introduced so far. He congratulated for the hard and good work that is carrying on especially Home of Peace and Ebenezer children’s home.

I attended two meetings at the primary school, for grade 1 and 7.
This month has been okay. Our students and children were in a holiday for two weeks and they are now back to school for the second term. Some of them did well in their end term exams and we appreciate them for hard work and commitment to their studies.    

Over the holiday we took them through the papers to make corrections on what they missed. The sessions were enjoyable and lively since they could all share ideas and finally make conclusion pertaining to each question

Extract from HEALTH DEPT MANAGER  Eric Ochieng

The month of April like the previous ones we at the health department did encounter in terms of frequency more of malarial cases than any other ailments, out of every (ten) persons who visits to the sick bay, (5) of them are confirmed cases of malaria, (2) are both upper and lower respiratory tract infections, (1) are either soft tissue or skin infections the remainder are others mixed / various health concerns.

As always most if not are issues we can deal with them at our level but at times we do refer or consult on way forward.

The seven children with special medical needs are all in fair and stable condition, the one with sickle cell is due for his clinical appointments on 7th/ June/ 23 in Kisumu, the others normally attend local health centre and all of them have one month supply of medicines and clinical appointments.

Covid 19 is not much of an issue, but we are cognizant of its existence, but we do take the necessary preventive measures to ensure that we don’t end up being victims of the scourge and of course thanking God for having protected us all along and we have faith that we won’t get the infections.


Val & Keith never stop amazing us with their constant hard work to support the work and we thank God for them daily. They recently held a fundraising event and arranged the sale of toys that were donated.

Toys and items not sold at the event were advertised and sold through Facebook.

Keith, in addition, has the job of cleaning bus shelters for the council on the condition that what he earns is paid to TLC Children’s Trust.

Please remember to pray for Val & Keith.

Marilyn and Ray benefitted from our time away but sadly caught a viral infection almost as soon as we returned. Ray recovered within about 2 weeks, but Marilyn is still struggling. She has been very ill as the infection also badly affected her stoma, and prayers are much appreciated. No matter how weak or sick Marilyn feels she faithfully continues doing all the work she needs to do for TLC Children’s Trust / Home of Peace or, when she simply can’t, she makes sure Ray does it under her supervision.

(It is our 57th wedding anniversary on the 11th of June.)

Ray continues as our Treasurer and does all the computer work for Marilyn

Without your support we can’t do this work.
Please consider making a donation or a regular sponsorship.

No amount is too small to be appreciated 


God bless you,

Love in Jesus

Marilyn & Ray