Achievements so far

We channel all our funds to the Home of Peace Children’s Home near Siaya in Kenya.

We are in contact with Home of Peace every day and Marilyn is on the Management Team and Chair of their Board of Trustees so we are able to verify where every penny is spent.

Since we started supporting this home we have achieved the following: 

When we took over
When we took over
How it looks now
How it looks now









NOTE. This is in addition to providing the children with food, accommodation, clothing, medical care and an education

UP TO 2015

We built toilets with wash rooms. Prior to this, the children used a local field. This has had a significant positive impact on their health.

* Built and equipped a nursery room for the young children.

* Erected a security fence around the property to protect them from predators (human and animal).

* Provided beds, bedding, mosquito nets etc. for all the children.

* Provided all the children who are of school going age with school fees, exam fees, uniforms, text books, note books etc.

* Repainted and repaired the dormitories.

* Established a first-aid system which has reduced the money spent sending children to the local medical clinic for minor injuries.

* Built and equipped a permanent kitchen in 2014

IN 2015 


* We established a farm and provided chickens to supplies some of the basic food needed for the Home

* We built 2 additional washrooms.

* We installed a water pumping and storage system to provide a reliable water supply for the Home.

* We built a large temporary dining room/study area and furnished it with tables and chairs so the children have a place to eat and to study.

* We built 2 additional dormitories attached to which there are a first aid/ sick bay, an office/counselling room and accommodation for 2 house mothers.

* We installed electricity in the Home.


* We built 2 new Boys Dormitories with attached staff accommodation.

* We are built a laundry.

* We are built a Study room for the Children.

* We are put in additional Toilets and wash rooms.

* We are converted our temporary Dining Room into a permanent structure.

* We have purchased 2 sewing machines and employed a qualified seamstress to make all our children’s play clothes, church clothes, school uniforms and the staff uniforms. Also to repair any damaged clothing. This will save us a lot of money in the long run.

* All our staff are now registered for the Government Health Care scheme and the Government Pension Scheme.

NOTE. All supplies etc. are purchased locally. We do not waste money shipping out things that they can obtain from a local supplier. This saves money and benefits the local community. We do however insist on detailed, official receipts and for items such as beds, uniforms etc. photographs showing these items on at the Children’s Home.

Since 2017…..

The work continues with new challenges and exciting developments which we outline in our newsletters. You can read them by visiting the Newsletters page CLICK HERE