Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check that TLC Childrens Trust is genuine?
Visit the UK Charity Commissioner website and search for Charity 1156786. We are a UK Government Registered Charity.

How do you make sure the money used is not stolen or wasted?
Marilyn White, the chair of T.L.C. Children’s Trust, is on the Home of Peace management team and in daily contact. We make all their financial decisions. Ray White, as a Trustee and the Treasure, demands receipts for everything and photos of large items purchased. He also gets copies of their financial statements every month and checks it agrees with our records.

What percentage of money received is held by TLC Children’s Trust for overheads?
NIL! The trustees cover overheads and 100% of income goes to Home of Peace.

Who visits and checks on Home of Peace?
The home is registered with the Kenyan Government and is inspected by the Department of Children’s Services, the Department of Health and various other government departments.

When missionaries are visiting Kenya we also ask them to visit.

Recently 2  Baptist Ministers from Sussex, England. Rev Julie Shimizu and Rev Linda Hulcoop spent 10 days there. To read the report CLICK HERE

We would love to visit more often but can’t justify the cost when that money is needed to feed the children. But we see pictures and video’s of everything on a regular basis

How do you know these children really need to be in the home?
They are referred to us by the Dept. of Children’s Services and then committed to the home by the court after a magistrate has carefully examined each case. Below is the Magistrate on his recent visit to the home to check every child and to inspect our facilities.

Some charities have large amounts of money invested. Do you?
No. We actually struggle to meet the monthly running costs. For example recently Marilyn and Ray personally had to lend the charity some money that they had set aside for their rent and other accounts. They did this knowing that there were donations due a few days later which would enable them to pay their rent, etc.

So if you don’t have a large reserve how do you cope with emergencies?
Through prayer and letting people who have expressed an interest know the situation.

Are we a School?
NO. We are NOT a school we are a Children’s Home. Our younger children attend the Primary School. Our older students attend a local Secondary School. We are responsible for covering all the costs associated with their education but we recognise without an education they have no future.

How can I support the work?
Through prayer. Ask for our quarterly newsletter
Through gifts. Every gift is a blessing
Through regular monthly giving. There is no restriction on how much you need to give. We appreciate everyone.
If you are a UK Tax payer please Gift Aid your gift as the government will then increase it by 25%

How do I give?
This can be done through many different ways. Please CLICK SUPPORT in the menu above this page find what is best for you.

I still have questions.
Please contact us through the contact form on the website.