Mailing sent 7th March 2023

Just a brief reminder why your support for Home of Peace Children’s Home in Kenya matters so much

This is a picture most of our supporters will not understand. Why the bottle?
These are typical street children in our area. Abandoned for many different reasons including death of a parent, poverty of the family, etc.

They are dumped on a road and left to either survive or die. Many will die. Those that survive frequently have no choice but to turn to crime in order to eat.

When I was last in Kisumu I saw a lot of street children with what looked like a bottle attached to their mouth. I was told it contains glue and the fumes help dull the pain of hunger and the emotional distress of being abandoned and unwanted. As we all know the glue also damages their brain and can eventually kill them.

Home of Peace takes in children like this and provides them with good accommodation, healthy food, clothing, medical care, and education. Instead of looking like the above picture they look like this

Your support makes this transformation possible!

But we have a problem.

It has two sides to the problem. On the one side the cost-of-living has resulted in a significant drop in the amount of money our wonderful supporters are able to donate. Some have stopped giving because they feel unable to afford this, others have reduced the amount that they give.

At the same time the cost-of-living problems have also hit Kenya hard and the price of everything has risen meaning food and everything else costs much more.

So in a nutshell we have greater needs and at the same time less money.

Please will you prayerfully consider a one-off gift, or an increase in your regular giving, or asking your church, youth group, or any other group you are involved with to take on Home of Peace as a project.

We need your help, and we need it asap.

We simply do not have the necessary funds.

May I remind you that unlike most charities 100% of what we receive is sent to Home of Peace. None of your gifts go towards our UK overheads.

Thank you,