News Update sent September 2023

I hope you’re keeping well. 

I’ve got a bit of an unusual letter to share with you today, different to our normal quarterly news updates, but it’s meant for a very special group of folks like you,  who have been incredible supporters of our work at Home of Peace through your prayers, giving, and all-around encouragement.

Firstly, I want to extend a massive thank you to you. Even though most of us haven’t had the chance to meet in person or chat, please know that your support means the world to us.

Recently, someone unsubscribed from our mailing list, saying that “we’re always asking for money.” I hope you don’t feel that way, and I want to make it clear that the reason we reach out for financial support is solely to provide for the children at Home of Peace. 

None of us involved, including Marilyn, myself and our dedicated trustees, receive any payment. In fact, we personally cover all our overheads and volunteer our time, each dedicating 20 or more hours a week to Home of Peace.

Now, some folks have questioned why it’s so expensive to run Home of Peace. 

The answer is pretty straightforward: think about how much it costs you to provide one meal, and then multiply that by 6,000. That’s the number of meals we provide every single month at Home of Peace. 

Plus, we cover the costs of clothing, accommodation, electricity, healthcare, school uniforms, supplies, school fees, medical care, and more. 

On top of that, we pay the wages for 20 staff members and even provide maize and beans for those members of staff who have children, ensuring that our fantastic staff’s kids have enough to eat.

This is why your support is so crucial to us.

You might be wondering why these children are at Home of Peace. The straightforward answer is that without our help, many, if not most of them, would die or at least face dire circumstances. 

Before coming to Home of Peace they are brought to the attention of the Department of Children’s Services who carry out a comprehensive investigation. The Dept then take the children to the Children’s Court where a magistrate looks at the situation and makes an order of court that they must be placed in a government registered Children’s Home.  

Because of our excellent reputation frequently the court o0rder will no0t just say placed in a home but placed at Home of Peace.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent case, with all identifying details removed to protect the children:

[Excerpt from the Children’s Magistrate Siaya Law Court]
…………..These are two minors were sexually and physically assaulted by their biological father who is currently remanded at Siaya Prison. 
The minors are partial orphans, their biological mother had passed away. 
And they are not wanted by their paternal relatives. 
Your honour, after our investigation of the minors I wish to confirm that they are in dire need of counselling and psychological support, medical care, basic needs and educational support. 
Therefore, I wish to recommend that they be transferred to Home of Peace Children’s Home where they will get proper care, protection, nurture, bonding and education and appropriate counselling  ……………

It’s people like you who make it possible for us to rescue these vulnerable children, provide them with essential healthcare, counselling, education, and most importantly, a loving Christian environment to grow in.

We deeply appreciate all our supporters, whether they contribute large amounts or the little they can manage. Every bit helps, and we understand that everyone’s situation is unique. Your heart and willingness to help are what truly matter.

Now, you might be wondering if we have enough funds at the moment. 

Unfortunately, we don’t. I need to send about £3,000 on the 22nd, and I’ve only got around £600 in the bank. 

Additionally, we urgently need to replace our old beds, which will cost us approximately £50 to £60 each, and we need 55 of them. 

In a couple of months, we’ll also face the annual expenses of school fees, supplies, and uniforms, which will amount to a few thousand pounds.

Right now, our bank account holds about £600.

I admit, it’s a bit uncomfortable to ask for money, especially after being criticized for asking. However, the lives of these children depend on our work, and that’s why I’m humbly reaching out. If you’re able to make a one-off donation or even a regular monthly contribution, it would make an enormous difference.

At the end of this letter, you’ll find a button that will take you to our website’s support page, where you can explore multiple options for donating.

If your church or any group you know might be interested, please consider discussing the possibility of support with them. I’m more than willing to visit any church to speak about our ministry if invited. However, I must however ask that the church covers our expenses, travelling and accommodation, because Marilyn and I simply do not have any money to cover that. 

Alternatively, I can easily set up a Zoom presentation for your church or group; just get in touch with me, and we can work out the details.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and thank you for your continued support. 

May God bless you abundantly.


P.S. if you are wondering why this letter is from me not from both Marilyn and I the reason is because she has been very ill and so for the moment I am covering her share of the work as well as my own.  Again prayers appreciated. She is improving.