NEWSLETTER July to Oct. 2020

We hope that you and your family are coping well during this pandemic that has caused so much havoc around the world.
It seems much longer than 3 months since we sent out the last Home of Peace Newsletter. So much has happened it is hard to know where to begin.

Our children have all been given a medical check-up by the Department of health and the good news is that there were no major problems.
We have also been blessed with none of our children or staff catching Covid-19.
We thank God for His protection

Our 2 new House Parents / Nurse Aids, Rosemary and Erick Ochieng, have shown themselves to be excellent and we are thrilled to have them on the staff. but then discovered he was still alive. He needed major surgery including the reconstruction of his pelvis. He is now recovering but will need ongoing outpatient treatment for at least the next 6 months. We are thankful to all who prayed for both Rosemary and for Bruce and who gave towards his operations. Also to a good friend and sponsor who has offered to cover all the ongoing costs of his outpatient appointments which will cost about £1,000.

Please pray for James.
In our last newsletter we mentioned staff changes. These have continued as our manager, James, is having difficulty with his eyes.
He has had 1 cataract operated on and is waiting for the operation to his second eye but at the age of 74 we have encouraged him to retire at the end of this year. His retirement celebration will be on New Year’s Day. Until then he will work reduced hours. He will also have 2 weeks leave after each operation under doctor’s orders.
We will pay him a pension as he worked free of charge for 4 years when we first took over running Home of Peace and then returned as the manager about 4 years ago and has been a real blessing to Home of Peace.
He will remain as Chairman of the Kenyan Trustees and will still be our Community Liaison Officer in a voluntary capacity.

As a result, we have now appointed Department Managers.

Faith. Our Social worker is responsible for all the students and children dealing with the Children’s Service, the Court when needed, overseeing the club activities, checking all the students and children and that they are doing their school work and dealing with any behavioural problem working with our Head Boy and Head Girl and the student council when she needs them. She also deals with staff behavioural problems and any staff who need counselling.
Any difficult counselling that she needs to do she will work under Marilyn’s supervision. She will keep confidential records of any behavioural problems and if Marilyn feels she needs any input from Ray, as a Psychologist, for any serious psychological problems she will discuss it with him.

Kevin. Our new Administrator is very good at his job. As the Administrator he will be responsible for all the accounts and making sure that all the Departments have everything that they need for the smooth running of Home of Peace.
He will work with Marilyn arranging staff leave and days off as the staff will only be allowed to work 40 hours a week as from next year as per the government rules.
He is also responsible for the security and grounds staff.

Florence. Who is married to our Manager, James is the Housekeeping Manager is responsible for all the houseparents dealing with any problems that they may have with students or children.
She is also in charge of all the staff in the laundry and kitchen making sure the work is done properly and the staff are happy. She will be responsible for checking the kitchen and making sure that it is kept to a high standard of hygiene and that the food is well prepared.

Erick. Working part time for Home of Peace and part-time employed as the Pastor of Peace Church. His work for Home of Peace is as our Purchasing Manager and our driver when he is at Home of Peace. He works with Ray informing him of any purchasing needs. He is responsible for buying food and items needed by Home of Peace and he will work with the administrator discussing any problems with the buildings, or the grounds.
He is responsible to supply the administrator with exact details of all purchasers made and copies of the receipts for the accounts.

COMING SOON. Health Department Manager. We hope to appoint a Health dept manager to join the Management Team being responsible for making sure we are up to date with all health requirements and checking on the health of staff, students and children. Working with Marilyn on their diet and nutrition , changing the menu as needed, ensuring everything is maintained in a clean and hygienic condition. This includes toilets, dormitories, etc. Helping Faith with difficult counselling and behavioural problems. We hope that we will be able to promote one of our Nurse Aids to this position as they both have a lot of experience and training.
All Department manager submit a detailed report to us at least twice a month and meet as a Management Team every 2 week to pray together and to discuss any help that they need.
When the time is right, we hope to appoint a Senior Manager, who will be appointed from one of the Department Managers.

We had a bad storm that damaged the roof and windows of our dining room but we have managed to have them repaired.

Having all the students at Home of Peace 24/7 since the Kenyan Government closed all schools because of Covid-19 back in early July has added a lot of extra work for our dedicated staff. We have done our best to keep them all up to date with their studies. Thanks to a generous (specified) gift we were able to purchase a power point projector.
Here you see it being set-up by our Administrator Kevin and he tested with it some of the students using a video of one of their set books. We also bought copies of the material that they were due to cover. They have studied every morning.

The various clubs have continued and have been a blessing to all the children and students. The clubs are Gardening, Music, Drama, Dressmaking, Art and Journalism.

This past week the government suddenly ordered all Secondary School students and those in their final year of Primary School back to class. The others will be returning to school sometime soon, but nobody has an exact date yet.
This has created a problem as many have now outgrown their school shoes and some have also outgrown their school uniforms. These urgently need to be replaced but to be frank we do not have the funds. The school shoes that need replacing will cost just over £300.
We also need to spend money for those who have outgrown their school uniforms as the school year would normally have ended at the end of this month. This will cost another £250
Since lockdown we have the courts have committed another 5 children to Home of Peace and they will need school uniforms, a raincoat, jumper, etc costing about £40 each so another £200
Yesterday the court sent us another 2 girls who, as usual, arrived with nothing. Just the clothes they were wearing so we will need to spend about £30 on each of them for basic clothing and shoes so another £60
We need to do some repairs to the laundry and to the fence around the grounds. We will need new pens, pencils and exercise books and various other essentials costing about £300
The Primary School fees will also need to be paid costing another approx. £300

The total cost of all that is now needed is approximately £1,700.
Please join us in prayer as we do not have the money.

Pray and ask God if he wants you to be a part of the solution.

If you feel God prompting you to help (remember no gift is ever too small or too big). To give please

God bless you,
Love in Jesus
Marilyn & Ray


During this period Marilyn has been really unwell and in a lot of pain.

She was eventually seen by a Consultant Gastroenterologist 2 weeks ago and the Consultant immediately ordered tests.

Some have already been done and showed various problems. Friday, she had an endoscopy.

She went for a CT scan last Tuesday but they took a blood test which showed very low Kidney Function so cancelled that scan and they have arranged for a senior Radiologist to do the scan this Friday instead.

She is in constant pain and is on 25mcg Fentanyl Patches just to cope. (Fentanyl is a bit like Morphine).

Marilyn has a crazy sense of humour even when she is feeling very weak and in pain and she still works hard every day for Home of Peace from her armchair. She does not use the computer but writes everything out by hand and I then do it on the computer. She would like to use a speech to text programme instead as the writing add to her pain, but this can’t happen until she is able to wear her new dentures.

Marilyn has to sort out all the details of Home of Peace and to deal with problems when they come up such as the appointment of the Dept Managers. She treats all the staff like her Christian family helping them as much as she can not being controlling but correcting them when necessary with love and concern.

I am the treasurer so I deal with the money and work mainly with Kevin and Erick

Please pray for her.

I have been sending short updates to our church leaders, family and close friends. If you would like to get them in future just send us an email letting us know. and I will happily add you to that list.