Newsletter 15th January 2020

We are coming to the end of a very busy and hectic couple of months at Home of Peace. Thank you very much to all who have supported us over this time.

Why so busy?
End of School year. Which meant the children were on holiday for 2 months and at Home of Peace all the time.
New Year
New School year

Members of Christian House sitters responded to our annual appeal for funds for Christmas and New Year. As a result we were able to bless the children, students, staff and staff children.

They had a special Christmas meal and every child and student received a gift of clothing. The staff also received clothing and the staff children were able to join our children to enjoy the Christmas worship service, meal and celebrations

New Year was more of a time of celebrating, playing games and having special food


The school year in Kenya starts at the beginning of January so we had to get everyone enrolled, supplied with uniforms, books and everything that they will need this year.  For the new Secondary Students and those going to technical College that also included a bike to reach the school / college as it is too far to walk.

We have 25 children at Primary School, 24 students at Secondary School and 6 at Technical College

The Technical College naturally also required money for the equipment for each course. It is therefore actually more expensive than Secondary School but we believe it is what God wants see below. Here are a selection of school preparation pictures

Every child and student is unique with strengths and areas where some struggle. Our responsibility is to do our best to prepare them for a full and productive life.

Some struggle academically but are good at the more practical skills This group will, from now on, be going from Primary School to Technical College where they will learn a trade and develop skills that should help them for the rest of their life.

A big Thank You to those who sponsored these students for this year.

This year we have Students doing

Electrical Installation Technology

Hairdressing and beauty Therapy

Garment making, fashion and Design

Erick (BANDA) Owino

Many years ago we took in a very young boy who was in very real need.

He has stayed with us through the years, done well at school and at secondary school, served as our head Boy for 2 years and as chair of the Student Council.

He turned 18 and finished his schooling last month.

He was not certain what he wanted to do after school but felt he would eventually like to go on to do a degree.

After a lot of prayer and discussion he has decided to take a job at Home of Peace for the next few years and to save half his wages towards the cost of college.

He becomes our Assistant Administrator on the 22nd of Dec. His job will be to assist our Administrator, Erick Owino, and learn the necessary skills so that he can ease the pressure on Erick and also gain experience that will prepare him for his future life.

Now the odd part. Our Administrator is Erick Owino. (He is also our Purchasing Manager, our Driver and part of the Leadership Team). His new assistant who is not related is also called Erick Owino so to avoid confusion he has agreed to use his middle name of Banda rather than Erick.

Please pray for him and all our other children.

Without your prayers and support we could not look after these precious young people.

Thank you to everyone who sponsors the ministry on a monthly basis and to those who give when there is a special need.

For more information about how you can support the work please


Love in Jesus

Marilyn & Ray