News Update May 2018

 Thank you to every person who has supported this amazing work through your gifts, prayers and messages of encouragement.We really do appreciate each and every one of you.

Thank You to our Trustees and our congratulations to Val Norton on becoming a Parish Councillor.


This year we have seen wonderful progress at Home of Peace

  • The buildings have been repaired and repainted
    • The new Secondary School Students have settled well into their new school
      • The children all have new mattresses and blankets and the staff have new uniforms

Since the home started the cooking has been done on 3 wood burning fires. These are expensive to operate as the price of wood has gone up considerably and now costs about £100 per month. They also make the kitchen an unpleasant and unhealthy place for our cooks because of the smoke. Remember they produce about 6,600 meals a month.

We have never owned a fridge even though we are located close to the equator so food storage has been a problem.

One problem was unreliable electricity. It is often off for days at a time.

God has touched people about this and we have been given the funds to buy a powerful generator that can take over when the power goes off. We will also be able to buy a large double fridge and 3 ‘hotel style’ electric cooker plates to replace the wood fires.  We also needed 3 new very large cooking pots.

On top of the cost of buying all the above it needs to be transported to Home of Peace, installed by an electrician, wiring installed and a generator house built to protect the new generator from the weather and from damage or theft.

Praise God He has provided the funds for all this.

We have been outside our comfort zone for a long time and are still there but we know that God is in control.

We trust Him and we appreciate the support of His faithful people.

But the needs continue. In addition to the special projects such as building maintenance and new equipment, etc. we still have the ongoing monthly expenses such as food, staff wages, transport, admin expenses in Kenya, health insurance for staff and children, etc. etc.

Our regular monthly support is not enough to meet these regular expenses!

Please pray that God will touch the hearts of people to commit to a regular monthly gift.

No gift is ever too small (or too big).

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God bless you,
Love in Jesus,

Marilyn & Ray