News Update 10th August 2018

NEWS UPDATE 10th August 2018

God is blessing and as a result, great things are happening at Home of Peace.

We try not to send out more than 4 newsletters a year as we don’t want to flood your inbox so there is a lot to try and fit into this letter and we can only give a taste of what has happened since our last newsletter in May. But if you want more frequent updates please ‘like’ our Facebook page where we put up pictures and news on a regular basis CLICK HERE

Below are some highlights from each month

MAY 2018

After we sent out the last newsletter Kenya suffered from floods the UN Children’s Fund Published on 19 May 2018 Kenya Floods said that 332,000 people had lost their homes and 183 people killed due to extended floods across the country.
God protected Home of Peace. We had a lot of water but used our pump to drain water that managed to get under the older buildings. Nobody was injured although the repairs cost a couple of hundred pounds.


JUNE 2018

A lovely man in Australia who is a sponsor gave money towards repairs he also asked if he could buy gift for the Secondary School Student that he sponsors and we explained that would cause a problem as all the children are treated equally so instead he sent money to buy chocolate biscuits and cool drinks for every child and member of staff.
They were thrilled and had it on the Day of the African Child in Kenya. We thank God for all our wonderful sponsors and prayer supporters.

Keith Norton one of our trustees who is a young 70 years old completed the Hull 10K in aid of Home of Peace.

His wife Val who is also a trustee held an Open House to raise more money.




After years of cooking 6,000 meals a month over a smoky, open, wooden fire that was expensive, messy and bad for the environment we now have 3 excellent cookers made to the standard used by hotels. The pictures show one of our cooks, Evans, with a pot on the one cooker.
Yes, the walls need to be re-painted the previously used wood cooking fires left everything black but that is on the agenda.
We were given a specific gift to buy a fridge. The home is very close to the equator, so a fridge is really essential. The one we want is out of stock at the moment but as soon as the new supply arrives we will have it installed in the kitchen.

JULY 2018

Using the money raised by Keith and Val we were able to get new clothes for all our children.

Benter, our fantastic seamstress/tailor made all the girls dresses at Home of Peace. She also makes all the school uniforms, staff uniforms and keeps the clothes in good repair. This is a blessing and a big saving.
Benter and Faith bought trousers, shirts and belts for the boys at bargain prices. So, this time Benter did not need to make the boys clothes.



Oops.The pound has taken another tumble. The Financial Times reports that it is at its lowest for a year. Why does this matter? It matters because we collect the funds in England but pay the money to the Children’s Home in Kenya and the falling pound means more Pounds are needed to provide the same number of Kenyan shillings.

Add to this the inflation in Kenya which is causing prices to keep going up and you will understand that we have a problem.

We did not have enough to send on the 8th for general expenses such as food, salaries, etc so we sent out an urgent prayer appeal to the people who offered to be available for emergency prayer requests. Praise God He provided what was needed.

We do need more regular sponsors.

We really need an additional approximately £500 in regular income per month. It sounds a lot. In fact, it is a lot. But God knows who he wants to use to meet these needs. Ask Him to touch hearts and if He prompts you to speak to someone please follow His prompting.

There are many ways to give to this work. Have a look at CLICK HERE

God bless you,

Marilyn & Ray