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23rd January 2017.

Happy New Year

(Sorry this is late but we both had a horrible coughing virus for the past 3 weeks.)

Wow what an eventful year 2016 was at Home of Peace. A year of many miracles.

* Last January we had our first batch of students go on from Primary to Secondary school

* We employed a new Social Worker

Seamstress * Hellen became our Manager

* We employed our own seamstress who is saving us money by making all the children's clothes, school uniforms and staff uniforms.

* All our staff and children are now covered under the National Health Insurance Plan.

* Our staff are now registered under the National State Pension Scheme.

* Following a major storm we had to undertake a major building project. This resulted in 2 new boy's dormitories, 2 staff bedrooms, a laundry, additional toilets and washing facilities and the conversion of our temporary dining room into a permanent structure.

* We also installed a second water storage tank.

Financially it was a really difficult year with major expenses, the fall in the value of the British Pound and rising costs. We thank God for all those who responded to our appeal and helped meet these needs.

Showing new shoes

Just before Christmas we sent out an appeal to all members of Christian House Sitters and their response allowed our children to get new shoes and underwear and to celebrate Christmas

Child eating
Child eating

Local children were invited to join our children for the Christmas meal. These were children who would otherwise not have had a special meal at Christmas. Thank you.

Val, one of our fantastic Trustees suggested that we create a Facebook page for Home of Peace. This has proved really popular as a way of keeping up to date and also sharing the work with others. If you are on Facebook please have a look and 'Like' the page. To visit the Facebook Page CLICK HERE

As we start 2017 we are not expecting any major projects (unless God shows the He has other plans) but we still face the daily need for funds to provide all that is needed for wages, pension payments, medical insurance, food, clothing, admin costs at the home, etc.

Our sponsors and the fees we receive from Christian House Sitters are not enough! Please ask God if He wants you to do anything. To give, to pray, talk to your friends and or your church. Today we sent out money to pay staff wages, food etc. We were £400 short and so, once again, we had to borrow this money from a Christian friend. But it must be re-paid in 2 weeks’ time and also in 2 weeks’ time we need to send out the next regular payment to Home of Peace. We believe that God will provide but He provides through people.

We send out money on the 8th and the 22nd of every month.

Primary School
Primary School

Some of our Primary School Children with their uniforms and school bags

Secondary Students
Secondary Students

Some of our Secondary Students with their uniforms, bikes and school bags

Just before Christmas we had a shock but God did a miracle!

We were expecting 10 students to need funding for secondary / vocational training and we were under the impression that a Christian charity who sponsored the secondary children last year would do so again this year. We had been in contact with them for some months and they knew the need and the numbers but when the cheque arrived on the 21st of December it was for just 6 children. They said their trustees felt that was all that they could sponsor.

The students were due to begin their schooling on the 8th of Jan and by that date we needed to purchase their uniforms, equipment and pay their fees. Their equipment included a bike for each of them as there is no other way for them to reach the school. The total cost was going to be £350 per student. We had no idea how we could tell 4 of these students that their dreams were dashed and that although they had worked really hard and done very well at primary school their education would have to end.

As we prayed we felt God did not want us to make this known to all our supporters just before Christmas as we know many of you already give sacrificially. We contacted our Pastor (Ewen) and the Youth Pastor (Mig) who have assured us that they are always available to pray for any emergency situation at Home of Peace.

Marilyn felt God wanted us to contact a very small specific group of people so we asked Him who to contact. He gave her 4 names. Two of them immediately replied saying that they would each cover 1 student. Then on Christmas Day we got a wonderful email from one of the remaining 2 we had contacted apologising and saying that they had not checked their email for a few days and that they would sponsor the remaining two students. What a wonderful answer to prayer!

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

God bless you,
Love in Jesus,
Marilyn and Ray

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