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Thank you for your interest in the Home of Peace Children’s Home in Kenya.

We pray that God will guide you to become more involved if that is His will for you.

Information about Home of Peace Children’s Home in Siaya, Kenya


A UK Church first became involved with this ministry in 2004 when it was just a room with a few children sleeping on the floor. In 2010 the church felt that they could not continue to support this work financially due to the many demands on the church finance. After much prayer, Marilyn White agreed to take on the responsibility for all the finances and for the training of the staff. This was before TLC Children’s Trust was established. Marilyn is now the Chair of TLC Children’s Trust.

Home of Peace is an Interdenominational Christian Children’s Home.

Marilyn White is part of the management team and runs the home with our local Kenyan leaders.

Marilyn Is a trained Counselling Supervisor, a Children’s Counsellor and a Business Manager with experience in handling legal work. She grew up in Zimbabwe spending about three months a year for five years on a mission station and then moved to South Africa. She lived in Africa for 35 years before moving to the UK and loves Africa and African people and really wants to serve these vulnerable children.

Also on the Leadership Team, we have:

  • Miss Faith Orao who is an Assistant Manager and is our Social Worker.
  • Mr Erick Owino who is an Assistant Manager and our Administrator.
  • Mrs Florence Owino (not related to Erick) who is our Senior House Mother

We have another 15 additional members of staff.

NOTE 100% of money received goes to the Children’s Home. All overheads are covered by the trustees.

All income is passed through T.L.C. Children’s Trust and carefully accounted for. As with any registered charity, we have a group of Trustees who oversee the work and carefully scrutinise the financial records every month but on a day to day basis the work is done by Ray & Marilyn.


As a registered Children’s Home the children are placed with us by the Department of Children’s Services and their placement is kept under review by the court.

We could tell endless stories about our children. But we do not want to identify individual children out of respect for their right to privacy. They come from some really sad backgrounds.

Some have parents who died as a result of AIDS, Typhoid, Malaria or other diseases and as a result, they were left homeless and to had fend for themselves because their home village was too poor to take on an extra hungry child.

Some were taken by their family from their tiny villages in the bush and dumped in the town of Siaya because the family could no longer look after them.

We are talking about children as young as 3 or 4 years old. Once in Siaya they were simply left and had to beg or steal to survive.

I could go on and on but I will not do so. We want to focus on the positive!

These children now have a home.

They have medical care.

They have clothing.

They go to school.

They are loved and looked after.

We will not identify what happened to any particular child before they came to Home of Peace. They are not exhibits in a zoo. They are children and entitled to their privacy.

We believe that many will grow up to become significant adult members of society. Community leaders, doctors, nurses, pastors, etc and it would be wrong for their past to be waiting online to be held in their faces later in life.

So I hope you will all understand why we tend to be very private about the backgrounds of our children.

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